What is Hydrogen Peroxide?

What is Hydrogen Peroxide?

Hydrogen peroxide, (H2O2), a colorless liquid usually produced as aqueous solutions of various strengths, used principally for bleaching cotton/textiles/wood pulp. It is also used in the manufacture of other chemicals, as a rocket propellant, and for cosmetic and medicinal purposes. Solutions containing more than about 8 percent hydrogen peroxide are corrosive to the skin.

Hydrogen peroxide is usually added into whitening toothpaste and it is good at whitening your teeth. In order to speed up the whitening process, higher concentrations may be introduced. However, for safety reasons, high percentages of hydrogen peroxide are only used by dentist in their clinics during teeth whitening procedures. During professional whitening procedures, the level of hydrogen peroxide can be as high as 25% to 40%, which is far above the normal safe amount for at-home use.


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